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Adult child hugging her older mother.

Adult Day Care Insurance

Insurance for Adult Daycare Facilities


Adult day care centers have unique risks that need customized solutions. As an independent insurance agency, Loomis Insurance provides the protection necessary to cover the risk exposures involved in operating a senior day care facility.


Elderly day care centers are different from full time care centers in that the participants do not live at the facility. Some centers provide transportation which creates a risk for injury in loading, unloading, and riding in the business vehicle. Many of these organizations also plan recreational activities and field trips that create more exposure to accidental injury.


insurance for adult day care

Elderly day care attendees usually require constant oversight and are dependent on someone who can assist them in their daily needs. Meals would be served to them throughout the day, so the organization could be at risk for illness due to improperly cooked or contaminated food. Food Preparation Liability would be one way to protect the Day Care against this risk.


Elderly care centers would also need to consider the risk associated with administrative decisions made by its leaders and Board of Directors. Employees should also be subject to background screening and the center should protect against claims by purchasing Sexual Misconduct Liability to protect the elderly.


Types of insurance we provide include:


  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage

  • Food Preparation Liability

  • Directors & Officers Coverage

  • Sexual Misconduct Coverage

  • Special Events Coverage

  • Malpractice Coverage

Insurance in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Loomis Insurance Agency provides custom insurance services and excellent customer support for companies, schools, churches and non-profits in America's heartland. Read more about us or use the button below to contact us today.  

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