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Protect your business from work vehicle accidents

If any aspect of your business involves owning, renting or driving vehicles you will need the protection of business auto insurance. 

There are many layers and types of insurance to consider with business vehicle coverage.  If you own company vehicles, you will need a policy designed to provide both liability coverage and physical damage to protect your autos.  Although this is similar to personal auto insurance there are some additional scenarios to consider with a commercial auto policy.  

Two examples of additional risks occur when your business rents a vehicle or if your employees drive their own vehicles for the company’s benefit.  In this case you will need to purchase Rented and Non-Owned Vehicle coverage.  This insurance will protect you while driving and having a rental vehicle in your possession.  The Non-Owned coverage is designed to protect you as a secondary insured in your employee would be involved in an accident in their personal vehicle while traveling on behalf of the business.

Loomis Insurance understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why a personalized insurance company is valuable in working with you. Being an independent agency offers more opportunity to find unique coverage options for you. 

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