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Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance for Small Businesses


If any aspect of your business involves owning, renting or driving vehicles you will need protection with business auto insurance. 

The Loomis Insurance Agency doesn't represent insurance carriers. We represent our customers so we can focus on getting the best insurance value among all carriers who sell auto insurance for small businesses. 

Our first advice? Know your business and how it uses vehicles. 

Nothing exposes a business to lawsuits more than company vehicles or employee travel on company time. Vehicle accidents, and even accidents in your parking lot, happen and are out of your control. This makes insurance the ideal way to manage business risk. 

There are many layers and types of insurance to consider with business vehicle coverage.  For instance, if your business owns vehicles, you will need a policy designed to provide both liability coverage and any damage to your own vehicles.  Although this is similar to personal auto insurance, there are additional scenarios to consider with a commercial auto policy.  

  • Coverage for fleet vehicles

  • Theft of personal items left in a company vehicle

  • Airbag replacement

  • Coverage for customized equipment that didn't come standard with the vehicle

  • Exposure to higher value judgements because your vehicle owned by a company


Total Coverage Auto Insurance

Company vehicles are not the only vehicle liability your company where your company is exposed. Businesses have additional risks when your business rents a vehicle or if your employees drive their own vehicles for the company’s benefit. These are two areas where most companies are under insured. 

Rental Vehicle Coverage

For rentals, your company needs complete coverage in the event of a mishap. You don't want a rental company suing your company. That's why you need rented vehicle insurance.


This insurance will protect you while driving and having a rental vehicle in your possession.  Theft, collisions, weather damage and even road related damage like a cracked windshield are all common things that quickly add up. Failing to insure for those items can leave your business open to heavy financial losses. 


Non-Owned Insurance Coverage

Non-owned vehicle coverage protects you when your employee uses their own vehicle for work. This type of insurance is designed to protect you as a "secondary insured" if your employee would be involved in an accident in their personal vehicle while traveling on behalf of the business.

Some examples might include: 

  • Staff picking up supplies or food on your behalf

  • Salespeople who drive to a client's office and earn mileage

  • Employees who park their vehicles for company travel or at a company-owned parking lot and suffer a break-in or damage

  • A company function at a venue where invited staff suffer car damage

This insurance can protect the company if an employee causes an accident with their vehicle while doing company business. This type of insurance can also protect your company if your employee's insurance doesn't fully cover the damage they caused. Protecting your employees and your business can save your business from serious financial harm.

Protect your business from work-related vehicle accidents

Loomis Insurance understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why a personalized insurance company like Loomis is better for small businesses. We're an independent insurance agency that offers more flexibility to find the right coverage options for your business. 

Insurance in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Loomis Insurance Agency provides custom insurance services and excellent customer support for companies, schools, churches and non-profits in America's heartland. Read more about us or use the button below to contact us today.  

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Auto Insurance for Business

The Loomis Insurance Agency doesn't represent insurance companies, we represent you. We specialize in custom insurance policies tailored to a specific company's needs. We're a buyer's agent, and we mean business. 

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