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Group of children on horseback at a church retreat center.

Camps & Retreat Center Insurance

Protect your camp and retreat center from property damage, accidents, and sexual misconduct

Insurance for Youth Camp and Retreat Center

For many of us, our best youthful memories often involve times we have spent at Summer camps or retreats. If you own a camp or retreat facility, you catalyze social and even spiritual encounters that may be foundational in building a young person's future. Marriage retreats are also vital in restoring or refreshing adults' commitments and love for each other. Several factors must be considered when operating a camp or retreat in supplying the resources necessary for these activities. 

Insurance Options for Camps & Retreat Centers

  • Property Coverage – Camps and retreat centers present unique challenges in covering property in that there are usually multiple buildings, such as lodges, cafeterias, dorms, shower buildings, concession stands, and pavilions. Property maintenance is essential in facilitating everything from a youth camp to senior retreats. Following safety guidelines for children as well as older people can be challenging. Be sure your policy limits are adequate for each building. You will want to determine whether you need blanket protection for your personal property, especially if your building contents may be moved into storage facilities for the off-season.

    In addition to buildings and personal property, you may need to cover other structures such as fencing, swimming pools, athletic equipment, lighting, and other outdoor facilities. Maintenance of these structures is also vital in securing adequate coverage.

  •  Liability Coverage – While you will need premises and operations General Liability, there are several other coverage issues of importance for camps and retreats specific to your camping activities. One type of coverage is medical payments coverage, which usually covers those participating in the activities and events. If you lease or rent out your facilities to others, you should also ask to be listed on their policies as an insured for the activities they may plan while at your location. This can be taken care of by asking for a Certificate of Insurance.

  •  Saddle Animal Liability — Many camps offer horseback riding or trail rides as an activity, which presents a unique risk for injury to campers. Saddle Animal Liability would protect the camp from claims of Bodily Injury while riding. This coverage is usually restricted to animals owned by the camp, as leased animals would need to be covered by the owner.  

  • Watercraft Liability — Canoeing or kayaking, another activity common to camps, poses a risk to the participants. This coverage is available to protect the camp owners from injury claims related to these activities. Some stipulations and safety guidelines should be followed, such as the number of people in a canoe and the use of life jackets.

  • Swimming Liability – Some camps provide pools and lake swimming as an activity, including diving boards or inflatable devices that catapult the swimmer out into the water. In these activities, the camp needs liability coverage that rates for swimming and the dangers associated with that.  

  •  Sexual Misconduct Liability — As with most organizations that work with children or youth, this liability protects the organization in the event of an allegation of misconduct. Stipulations for background screening and adult supervision are usually designed to avoid this type of claim, but camp owners continue to suffer tremendous losses in this area. Having adequate coverage is essential for recovering and continuing business operations.

Contact Loomis Insurance Agency

Camps offer a full slate of activities, including cooking classes, arts involvement, and athletic games and activities. The best way to be sure you are covered as a camp or retreat operation owner is to sit down with a knowledgeable agency representative who can offer insight and guidance in all the unique risk areas and the best way to protect against those risks. We have agents standing by to assist you and answer your questions.

These coverage options are just a few to consider when considering protection for your daycare operations. Whether you have a few children in your care or are operating a large-scale facility, these coverages are vital to ensuring operations and business continuation if you are faced with a loss as a daycare operation. There are many other factors to consider, and that's when you should rely on the expert knowledge of your agency representative to review all coverage needs. Loomis Insurance can assist you – please call us today.

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