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 Key Man Insurance 

For Peace of Mind
Disability Income Insurance and Employee Life


“Anyone can do my job, but no one can be me,”

(Harvey Specter, SUITS, Season 5 – Mea Culpa)

We all know that one person who instantly comes to mind when we think about our workplaces.  You know the one who seems to be the guiding force and valuable resource for everyone.  Chances are that even the business owners rely heavily on this person’s contribution to the business, and that’s what makes him or her a Key Player.  White there is no feasible way to preserve the valuable knowledge and investment this person represents, there is a way for business owners to protect the operations of the business from economic loss in the death of this key person!

Reach out to Loomis Insurance for more information about Key Man Life Insurance.  We're here to work with you!

Term and Permanent Life Insurance with Employees in Mind


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