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Volunteers at a non-profit event.

Non-Profit Insurance

Do Non-Profits Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Like any for-profit business, non-profits like yours need liability insurance to protect volunteers and employees who contribute the manpower and drive behind your organization. As an independent agency, Loomis Insurance is professionally equipped to look at your unique organization to determine your specific risks and exposures to claims. We can help you determine how to best provide property and liability coverage to protect your group's mission.

Is price also your concern? As an independent agency, our relationship is with you first, and we represent your interests to the insurance company. ​We can also address your financial challenges by finding the best coverage for the best price. Our top priority is to serve our customers with quality coverage at an affordable premium.

The following is a sample of non-profit groups we have served:

  • Community Betterment Organizations

  • Clothing and Food Banks

  • Museums

  • Adult Literacy and Career Assistance

  • Recovery Programs and Shelters

  • Group Homes

  • Sheltered Workshops

  • Community and Senior Centers

  • Performing Arts

  • Other Miscellaneous Programs

Insurance in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Loomis Insurance Agency provides custom insurance services and excellent customer support for companies, schools, churches, and non-profits in America's heartland. Read more about us or use the button below to contact us today.  

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