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Play It Safe: Don't Let Games at Church Events Sink Your Ministry

Plastic players in a foosball table

As we roll into Fall, every church event involves a few activities that aim to break the ice. Just don't let it turn into a broken bone!

These games are perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere. They are also the perfect way to get all the participants to interact in a fun way. But with all the fun, it's easy to forget that an injured guest can cost the church a pretty penny. 

While accidents do happen, it's important that you guard against as many of these as possible.

You’ll see all different kinds of people at church events, like fall festivals and community outreach events. Inevitably, you'll have those guests who are going to push the limits of what is safe (especially teenagers). 

Here are a few tips on how you can protect your ministry by protecting your members and guests from accidents. 

Plan Ahead for Church Events

Plan ahead for church activities

Just because a game worked for another group in the past does not mean that it’s still a good idea. These are different people with different personalities. Past experience does not guarantee future outcomes.

Do some research beforehand, especially if this is a new event.

What is the weather expected to be?

How many people are expected?

What kind of space are we working with?

This way, you can have a better assessment on whether your activities are going to safe or not.

Recruit Volunteers for Church Activities

Man voting another contestant off the island

It's important to make sure there are sufficient volunteers to man each event station or game.

For example, if you've rented a moon bounce, make sure there are at least two adults present.

As a ministry leader, you have a tendency do everything. There's nothing wrong with this, but at some point you have to accept that you can’t do it all on your own.

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

This way, they can have better focus on the tasks at hand. 

Consider the Apparent Safety Risks

Kids dancing on desks with one falling.
Safety risks are everywhere.

A lot of games are physical. This means that there will always be a risk of injury no matter how careful you are.

That’s okay, it’s normal.

The least you can do is to make sure there aren't blatantly hazardous activities that could add insult to injury (or negligence to an accident).

Have Fun at Church Events

Kids in a bubble suit playing
Accidents happen, even when you wrap people in bubbles.

Don’t overthink, it’s just a game. The entire point of this is to have fun. That applies not only to the participants, but to you as well.

Don’t stress too much the success of these games. With the right preparation, it will all go well.

There are different kinds of insurance for churches and religious organizations that can help you do this. Talk to somebody about your options and see what kind of protection you can get for your youth groups.

To learn more about how you can protect your ministry, contact one of our Risk Managers.

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