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Child Daycare & Preschool Insurance

Protect your daycare from property damage, playground injury, sexual misconduct, food poisoning, and other risks.

One of the most valuable resources on our planet today is the human sector, which drives innovation and creativity. Protection of this resource demands diligence in taking care of our children as the future of our world. Businesses and organizations that deal with childcare and early childhood education are vital to our communities but also have exposure to losses related to their industry. Daycares should consider the following coverage provisions for protecting their organization:

  • Property Coverage – Some property coverage options are essential and standard when buying insurance protection. Building and contents coverage will cover your structure and the equipment and furniture necessary to operate. Daycare furnishings and equipment should meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's set forth-safety standards. The guidelines place stipulations on cribs, strollers, gates, highchairs, and playpens, to name a few areas of concern.

  • Playground Coverage – While playgrounds fall under property exposures, the coverage that is placed on the equipment is called Property-In-The-Open and is specific to structures whose primary function is outdoors. Playgrounds are also expected to meet safety guidelines for equipment and ground cover surfaces. These guidelines are updated regularly, so staying current on what your organization might be required to upgrade is essential.

  • Liability Coverage – General Liability is always vital to protecting any business operation from claims for injury or loss while on-premises or during business activities. For Daycares, some specific liability coverage options provide an extra layer of protection specific to caring for children.

  • Sexual Misconduct Liability – Any organization that deals with children or youth is at risk for allegations of sexual misconduct, and this coverage can help protect against that. Other ways to cut the risk for these claims or charges include background screening for all employees or volunteers working with children, checking references on applications, and always following the Two-Adult Rule. This rule is designed never to leave a child one-on-one with any adult to alleviate any possibilities for misconduct.

  • Food Preparation Liability—As with most human services facilities, daycares feed the children in their care multiple times throughout the day. Food preparation liability helps protect the business against cross-contamination of food, salmonella poisoning, and E. coli bacteria contamination that might result from putting together meals for the children in charge of the daycare.

These coverage options are just a few to consider when considering protection for your daycare operations. Whether you have a few children in your care or are operating a large-scale facility, these coverages are vital to ensuring operations and business continuation if you are faced with a loss as a daycare operation. There are many other factors to consider, and that's when you should rely on the expert knowledge of your agency representative to review all coverage needs.

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