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Liability Insurance

Just being in business means you need insurance protection.

​What is liability insurance?

If you are a business owner you have a need for liability insurance, which protects you and your business when another party claims you have damaged them in some way.  Liability may involve damage to another’s property but there are also coverage options in liability that protect against a wide variety of risks.  Liability insurance can help cover your business from problems that arise in the normal course of business, like advertising injuries, faulty workmanship or products, third-party bodily injury, or medical payments.

Business Liability insurance covers your legal costs and any possible pay out. Liability coverage helps protect you from financial loss in business by protecting your risks. 

For this reason, quality coverage is a top priority for business entrepreneurs. Loomis Insurance protects your business with a customized insurance package at competitive rates. 

We offer the following types of professional liability coverage:​

Errors & Omissions

Financial advisors, insurance agents, and realtors are some professionals who need the benefit of this specific type of liability coverage. Because these business leaders are required to carry licensing, there is an expectation that individuals who work in these fields have a level of expertise in their chosen area of business. 

Errors & omissions coverage protects against mistakes made in the course of your business such as bad financial advice, incorrect coverage selection, or failure to disclose property information. Errors & omissions might also be necessary for professionals who handle client monies to protect against claims of fiduciary mistakes or lapses.

Professional Liability


Professional liability helps provide coverage in several types of business and can range from construction jobs such as plumbers and electricians all the way to teachers and nurses.


Insurance in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Loomis Insurance Agency provides custom insurance services and excellent customer support for companies, schools, churches and non-profits in America's heartland. Read more about us or use the button below to contact us today.  

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