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RV Park Insurance

The RV Industry Evolution

For most of us, tangible aspects of our lives were changed, and many businesses saw restrictions and downsizing in dealing with a COVID–conscious world.  However, some industries and markets realized the opposite results because of changes in how many individuals spent vacation time and leisure activities.  While popular vacation destinations were shut down and restrictions were put in place for travel, the RV industry and RV parks saw a boom in sales and reservations.  RV campgrounds filled up quickly, and families began to spend quality time together on area lakes and around campfires.


As more and more of the restrictions for travel and gathering have eased post-pandemic, the RV industry is still a popular way to enjoy “stay-cations” and long weekends without the hours of drive time to get to a destination. 

RV Industry by the Numbers

Statistics bear out the popularity of camping as a favorite pastime.

Insurance Options for RV Parks

As an owner/operator of a private RV park, you may have taken care of the basic needs for insurance with property and liability coverage. Still, some coverage options are unique to RV facilities, and you will want to discuss those with your agent. 


Some of these coverage additions include but are not limited to the following:

Dock Coverage

You may want to double-check that your property coverage includes some coverage for any boat docks or marinas you may have on-premises.  Be sure to inquire about coverage for flood coverage limitations and collapse coverage from the weight of ice, snow, or sleet.  These perils must be protected from loss or damage in our Midwest climate.

Special Event Coverage

Many Campground owners offer special events around Independence Day celebrations with firework displays and on-premises cookout events.  Fireworks Display coverage is very specialized, with strict stipulations on where, what, and who will be involved in the event.  Most of the time, the local Fire Marshall must sign off on the display to qualify for display coverage.  Other special events such as concerts, car shows, and fairs will need coverage specific to the event and these policies take some time to get approved, so if you are planning an event get with your agent sooner rather than later!

Pools & Swimming Areas

Pools and swimming areas are popular gathering areas for family and friends to enjoy the lake or outdoors in the summer.  If your campground houses a pool, you will want to have your agent provide you coverage for liability exposures.  Your insurance carrier will ask that specific stipulations and requirements be met in providing this coverage, such as on-duty lifeguards, lifepreservers' availability, and overall swimming pool or space safety. 

Miscellaneous Coverage

Some of these extras may include a General Store, Restaurant (this may also require some Liquor Liability), Laundry, LP Gas and Gasoline, Gun or Archery Ranges, Playgrounds, Water Skiing, Boats and Canoe Rental, Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball Courts, etc. As you can see, the list may be pervasive, so be sure to have your agent come out to inspect your premises and review your activities for coverage.

Cyber Liability

Cyber coverage is a recent development in camping, but many patrons at the RV site continue to use your campground’s Wi-Fi for remote work or to stream programming.  Many clients book their stays and pay for camping fees online through e-commerce, so as a business owner, you should be certain you are protecting against any Cyber attacks on your business.

Getting Help with RV Park Insurance

As the popularity and growth of the RV and camping industry continue, your role as the business owner and service provider to your clients also equates to more risk for you in protecting your property and your organization from financial loss due to liability issues. These factors directly link to your agent’s ability to adequately advise and cover your business assets. 


At Loomis Insurance Agency, we have trained producers and account managers who are excited to work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs as a business owner. 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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