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Teacher playing games with students in a private school.

Charter School Insurance

Protect Your Charter School or Private School

Loomis Insurance protects education programs and school systems. We recognize that schools are the center of thriving communities and the promise for future generations. We are pleased to explore coverage that equips schools with the protection necessary to cover risks and exposures involved in education.


We offer insurance coverage for claims made against your school, like:

  • General Liability

  • Advertising Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Bodily Injury Liability

  • Sexual Misconduct Liability

  • Automobile Liability.

  • Directors & Officers Liability

  • Property Liability Insurance


Charter & Private School Insurance


We have programs available for the following type of schools:

  • Parochial Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Charter Schools

  • Pre-School and Head Start Programs


As an education professional, you should be aware of the risks associated with having a private or charter school. Like public schools, private and charter schools face many risks such as vandalism, theft, and sexual or physical abuse. But you may not be aware that administrators and board members for such schools can also incur professional risk.


For charter schools, liability risk can be a concern because the laws that govern charter school administration differ between states and even communities. What may be a serious insurance risk for one school in one state could be a complete non-issue if that school were in another state.


Unique risks and state regulations are reasons why it’s important for private schools and charter schools to review their insurance coverage with Loomis Insurance each year. Loomis Insurance specializes in tailoring coverage for your specific insurance needs. One-size insurance doesn’t fit all schools.


We protect your private school or charter school with several types of professional liability coverage.


Here are two examples:

​Educators Liability Coverage for Schools.

School administrators, board members and teachers often have a need for protection on a personal level that covers them for legal liability within the course of a school’s day-to-day activities. Although we all make mistakes, for school personnel and administrators these mistakes carry the weight of being in a position of authority. For this reason, school officials and board members should consider Directors & Officers Coverage, Counseling Acts Coverage, and various other options that will help in protecting against mistakes made in financial decisions, discipline issues, and privacy violations.


​Professional Liability for Schools

Professional Liability insurance protects the school in case of claims resulting from professional negligence. Private schools may employ teachers who may not be state certified so having this type of insurance protects the school from honest mistakes in teaching material or failure to follow school guidelines for discipline. Feel free to contact our agents today to determine the best protection for your faculty and staff.

Insurance for Charter School in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas 

The Loomis Insurance Agency provides custom insurance services and excellent customer support for companies, schools, churches and non-profits in America's heartland. Read more about us or use the button below to contact us today.  

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