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Making an Insurance Claim

How to File a Claim

To start a claim, contact the Loomis Insurance Agency directly using our "Contact Us" page or our toll-free number: 800-743-7205. Please include your most current contact information, your provider, and other information about the event. 

The Loomis Insurance Agency doesn't process your claim. That will be up to your insurance company. As your insurance representative, we make sure your initial claim is complete and best represents your claim event. Our goal is to represent you. 

What Happens After the Claim?

Once your claim is submitted, your insurance company may send an insurance adjuster to evaluate the claim and place a value on the loss. Realize that their goal is to pay the least amount possible. That's why ensuring the initial claim is accurate and well-documented is so important to represent your claim best.


That's why you need an insurance agent representing you, not the insurance company. The Loomis Insurance Agency has represented small businesses, non-profits, and houses of worship since 1991 in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. 

If you have questions, please read through our FAQ for answers or contact us directly anytime. We're here for you.

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