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Is your Church ready to put up Christmas Decorations?

Christmas decorations

Almost every church has its Christmas traditions.  Some churches may have a nativity scene, while others might have a Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  It is traditions that allow us to share the story of Jesus with each other and our community.  Almost all churches incorporate some sort of decorations into their Christmas tradition.

However, Christmas decorations are a leading cause of fire hazards.  Fires can be costly not only to your ministry but to your community that depends on you.  It is important to know the hazards as you begin decorating this season.  Practicing fire-safety measures will help to ensure that your decorations will be a memorable part of your tradition and not a cause of disaster.  The following articles provide helpful information on this topic.

Winter Holliday Fires (U.S. Fire Administration)

Candle Safety Tips (U.S. Fire Administration)


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