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Frozen Pipes: A Risk in Winter

We are currently dealing with the effects of brutal cold and snow-covered roads, but there is a hidden danger that costs thousands of dollars annually for the insurance client and the carrier. The threat of a burst pipe due to freezing is a significant loss risk in winter.

Frozen pipes ranked Number 3 among loss types for the Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma region in 2022, with 23.5% of all claims being related to water damage/freezing and with an average payout of $12,500 (; 8/31/2023).  

Frozen handle caused by leaking pipes.
Frozen pipes are #3 for business damage.

Why Water Damage Claims are Rising

What is the cause of the increase in these types of claims? Many carriers would look at weather-related extremes such as flooding and sub-zero temperatures that create freezing incidents. The factor that involves increased claims costs is that most water claims have hidden factors, such as mold from water wicking up inside the walls and damage that is not visible to the naked eye. 

Freezing pipes may also damage the walls, ceilings, and flooring due to a burst pipe hidden for days. All of these things create mitigating circumstances that increase the overall cost of repairs. It may even require your organization to meet elsewhere due to remediation and restoration after the damage that involves drying and possible reconstruction.

With that in mind, some insurance companies are looking for ways to remediate these claims before they occur. Much like the Wind/Hail Deductibles increase to keep losses low in frequency and severity, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance and other carriers have elected to implement a higher Freezing Deductible to help with losses related to water damage due to burst pipes. 

Expect Higher Deductibles for Frozen Pipes

Church clients will face higher deductibles for the 2024 winter season. They need to prepare now to prevent water losses.

Construction area with frozen pipes.
Frozen pipes can create serious costs that insurance may not fully cover.

One option for Brotherhood Mutual policyholders- and available in the general marketplace- is to purchase a leak detection system to monitor your pipes. The system regularly looks for changes in water flow and notifies you of leaks. The FloLogic system also includes an automatic shut-off, so water will not continue to pump into the building. 

It takes very little time for water to go from a drip to a deluge, according to Chuck DeSmet, the founder of FloLogic. Our agency has additional information on this valuable resource that we are happy to share with you.

Contact the Loomis Insurance Agency with Questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance in looking ahead to the policy changes and making plans to meet the challenge of water damage head-on. As always, we are available to be of assistance.  

You can rest assured that there are preventive measures that are of value in saving your organization thousands in damages. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!



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