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Now What? Considerations for Re-Opening

Woman cleaning a shopping cart before shopping at a store

After several weeks of anxiously watching numbers and enduring restrictions and limitations on our normal daily activities, we are faced with opening our stores, restaurants, parks, and churches back. There are as many questions as there are opinions about what opening up may look like in the short term, but there are some absolutes that should be considerations for us all as we move forward.

Good hygiene is ALWAYS a good thing!

We all have become more aware of personal hygiene in protecting against infectious disease, but cleanliness has always been a deterrent for viral illnesses. We are taught about washing our hands, regular bathing, and covering our mouths when we cough from childhood. Whether protecting against the common cold or a global pandemic, personal hygiene has been and will continue to be important.

Staying home when you are ill is the right thing to do!

As a child, I remember being upset that I would be required to stay home from school and miss the daily activities if I had a fever or was exhibiting symptoms of illness. I also know that a workplace can be a breeding ground when adults refuse to stay home and rest while dealing with illness. This creates an opportunity for multiple workers to become sick and then everyone is trying to deal with illness at the same time. We should remember that our mothers knew best and give ourselves the time to rest and heal from an ailment so that we avoid making others sick. Normal activities can resume quicker when we allow ourselves time away from others.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

There are many calls for a reform for returning the rights of citizens to live life as they would see fit, but one aspect of community that has always been important to our lives is the idea of considering the welfare of those around us. Let us be mindful that there are people groups who are more susceptible to communicable illness and that the complications could have much more dire results for them. As we move forward into a more normal lifestyle, we should not forget that some of our friends and family may still be vulnerable to illness. Thinking about others has been and will continue to be one way we love and care for those in our lives.

Knowledge is power!

In dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a deluge of information on the disease, its progression, and time frames for decline and vaccination. While there is an abundance of misinformation on the subject, you should understand that there are some reliable sources of information that can provide valuable insight and recommendation for how to proceed through all the phases of recovery. One of those sources is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Their website content provides great details on the symptoms and progression of the disease as well as the recommended risk mitigation protocols for protecting yourself and others. Another great resource for information is your insurance agent. As insurance professionals, we have made it a priority to gain knowledge of how to begin in the re-opening phases and what you should consider when moving forward. Rely on those individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in bringing risks to your attention. Loomis Insurance Agency has been here for you for many years and will continue to be here as we move forward together. Contact us today with any questions you may have.



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